Kundalini is a psycho-spiritual energy or spiritual phenomenon that exists in the central and peripheral nervous systems of humans.

Kundalini can either lay dormant in a person’s spinal cord or become active. She (Kundalini is a feminine spiritual energy) may remain dormant in a person due to historical behavior patterns of stress, anxiety, addictions (gross or subtle,) over-working, raising a family, depression, and even having to many selfish thoughts. An activation of Kundalini may occur, however, if a person is spending much time and energy in meditation, yoga, silence, seeking truth, meeting an enlightened person, praying to God, sexuality / love-making, psychedelics & Marijuana, overcoming ego, or even music / dancing.

During Kundalini activation in the spinal cord, a person may experience a complete loss of control of “normal, everyday consciousness” and experience an intense amount of spiritual energy all over the body and even in the brain and face. The mind and body may react to activation with fear and terror when the energy is too amplified. If this is the case, the body & head can contort, move spontaneously, be filled with the desire to yell, or even have the experience of intense (needle-like) pain that turns into an orgasmic sensation. People may experience these blockages of the flow of Kundalini for years, in which they experiences transitions between terror and bliss.

HOWEVER, if the chakra system (central nervous system) is healthy and clean from years spiritual practice, kundalini is likely to begin to flow smoothly and lead to a sensation of bliss in the mind, body, emotional body, and soul. With enough spiritual practice, a person may experience a total & complete Kundalini awakening. In full Kundalini Awakening, the chakra system is cleared out, thereby prompting Kundalini to rise from the seed of fear at the root of the spinal cord (Root Chakra.) As the fear begins to rise, it is accompanied by the light of bliss that rises in conjunction with the fear. Finally, the fear and the light of bliss join at the top of the brain / skull, wherein the light of bliss fully overcomes the fire of fear. The experiencer will sense a mixture of a bright, white light of bliss with a profound, dark silence and stillness as the background. It may seem as if the ego and/or fear has been completely dissolved by the Universe or Consciousness.

In early December of 2020, Kyle experienced full Kundalini Awakening after a few years of intentional spiritual practice. His practice included meditation, yoga/stretching, shadow work, exercise, building of healthy relationship, meeting great Spiritual Teachers, success as a high school teacher, podcasting, philosophy, micro-dosing of psychedelics, and NATURE.

“I felt as if a million pounds of weight had been wiped away from my sense of self, weight that did not realized I had been carrying since I was a young teenager. I woke up the next moment and, looking at my hands, realized that all fear had completely been dissolved by the light of bliss” – Kyle Hilding

If you have questions about Kundalini, or are experiencing the paradox of horrific fear & blissful healing of Kundalini symptoms, feel free to contact Kyle;

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