What is Spiritual Awakening?

From my upcoming long-form essay, which will be published January 3rd, 2021: Spiritual awakening is the ineffable, mostly permanent stage of liberation from attachment to ignorance and suffering; thereby leading to the entrance into the kingdom of Absolute Consciousness and Love. The goal of this essay is to map out the path of spiritual developmentContinue reading “What is Spiritual Awakening?”

Spiritual Perspective on Science

From my upcoming book: We are living in the middle of the age of materialistic Science.  Most of the Science that is taught in high schools and universities around the world is only taught within the Materialistic Paradigm.  This means there is a superficial skepticism of any theory that involves subjectivity, consciousness, the non-physical realmsContinue reading “Spiritual Perspective on Science”

My Story; First Preview into the Book

Hi! I’m Kyle Hilding.  Words cannot express how thrilled I am that you are reading this book, one that I have been imagining for so many years.  The roots of this book go back to the beginning of my self-Actualization journey, a journey that I humbly continue and learn from today.    Starting at about ageContinue reading “My Story; First Preview into the Book”

Our Fullest Potential

Imagine how profound your consciousness would feel if your body and mind were (nearly) perfect in proportion and clarity. By doing a daily yoga and meditation practice, we can begin to be aware of such near-perfection. These are the ancient sciences of self-realization, a wisdom that has a profound combination of infinite, divine consciousness andContinue reading “Our Fullest Potential”