About Kyle

Kyle is the creator of The Spiritual Download YouTube Channel. He has been studying philosophy and practicing spirituality very intently and mindfully for about 10 years.

Background: Kyle majored in Philosophy and Political Science in college, after which he taught English in Ecuador for 18 months. Kyle returned to Minnesota in 2016, and immediately began sharing what he learned about himself and the world by creating the YouTube channel Library of Humanity. In 2018, Kyle realized that discussing the mind was not as rich as living from the Heart, thereby changing the name of his channel. Since then, He has been active in connecting with members of the nondual, spiritual community both locally and globally. Check out his latest interviews, guided meditations, and philosophical discussions on his channel. You can also follow his writings on his blog here on spiritualdownload.org .

As a career, Kyle is currently a high school social studies teacher, which he has done for over a year. He also has 4 years of experience teaching English as a Second Language to Spanish speakers both in Ecuador and Minnesota, USA.

Yo hablo/escribo en español.

Happiness is found in The Heart

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