Spiritual Motivation

(From my upcoming book)


My hope for this book is that the reader feels the urge to become spiritually mature.  It is certainly not an easy task because we must reassess everything that makes us who we believe we are and what we believe life is.  We must relinquish all semblances of limitedness, smallness, ignorance, and even fear.  Although less than 1% of people are profoundly awakened and/or profoundly self-actualized, each one of us has an opportunity to mature in order to become happier and healthier.  In fact, I would argue that this drive to become a greater version of yourself is a responsibility each one of us can choose to tackle, because we are together as one in this dance that we call life.  If just one additional person chooses the path of awakening and self-actualization, an aspect of the entire field of consciousness and love begins to enliven.  This is not a single choice in one moment, however.  We must decide to surrender everything we know about life and our egoic self in order to discover greatness before we move on from this Earth.  It’s one’s devotion from here on out.  May we all choose this path of greatness, oneness, peace, and love.


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