From my upcoming book: 

I would like to introduce this book from a space of peace and clarity for the reader.  I hope this creates a foundation of contemplation and calmness for the remainder of the book.  So, we will begin with a 5-minute guided meditation.  Simply follow along:

  • Sit comfortably with a decent posture 
  • Have your awareness arrive into this very moment
  • Begin to feel your breathing 
  • Notice your body breathing in and out, in and out
  • After a few moments, listen to the background of quietude in your environment
    • Simply notice the sounds or the silence that is present here 
    • How does this quiet listening feel?  
  • Return your awareness to your own body
  • Feel where you feel tightness, stress, or the feeling of holding on to ego
  • Can you relax in those places?
  • Relax;
    • Your eyes
    • Your jaw
    • Your neck and throat
    • Your shoulders
    • Your hands and fingers
    • Your chest
    • The middle of your spine
    • Your stomach 
    • Your thighs
    • Your calves
    • Your feet
  • Bring your hands into a prayer position
  • Feel into your heart-center 
    • Notice any tightness or tenderness
    • If there is tightness there, relax even more in this place 
    • If you sense tenderness, can you bring this feeling with you as you continue reading this book?
      • Can you take this tenderness with you for the rest of your day as you interact with other people?
  • One more round of deep breathing here 
  • Return to what you were doing before the meditation  


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