A Sense of our Human Self

(An excerpt from my upcoming book:)

What is the core of who we believe we are?

It is the idea or feeling of “me;” the person, the self.  99% of people were taught as children that they are a person who is separate from their environment and other people.  This is for purposes of socialization and survival of the child; to learn skills that will help them for the rest of their life.  It is extremely uncommon, or perhaps unethical, to teach a young child that they are the Absolute Consciousness and not a human.  How could a human be socialized or survive in a society without believing that they are one of many persons in a society?  I am not saying this is impossible, but I would argue that most parents and school teachers are not at a level of consciousness in which they could teach a child that they are BOTH a person AND the Absolute Consciousness of All.

Therefore, I would like to begin this essay at the core of who most people believe they are; the personal, human self.  I believe this is the starting point for the spiritual growth of the masses.  

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