Lessons from Awake Life

I began to see that all of the people in my life are not physical bodies, but that the souls of my friends and family are my eternal gurus.

I found out that Kyle is also teaching my soul about itself.

Then I realized that I am basically just floating in empty space and that the physical earth is like a space ship. My gravity towards earth is relative and only one of the infinite amount of gravity (spiritual light) pulls on my body from everywhere else in the universe.

Then I began to channel some sort of intelligence and it began to teach me certain things like the nature of language acquisition in toddlers, and why I made all of the choices in my past, and how those choices were all perfectly imperfect choices that have brought me and the rest of earth to the point that we are at now.

I also saw that the nature of time, in my awareness, is more that the NOW moment is at the forefront of the universe. Both the past and the future are more like the past and not really worth worrying about, because it is all being created by an infinite intelligence that I need to learn to trust.

Then I was taught about compassion for all the people living in my physical vicinity. I am learning not to judge them, but rather channel light towards them. Many people do not know that they are hurting others and themselves by holding on to the myth of materialism.

Overall, I overcame my fear of death and now have a better understanding of the nature of the infinite light on the higher planes of consciousness.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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