Our Fullest Potential

Imagine how profound your consciousness would feel if your body and mind were (nearly) perfect in proportion and clarity.

By doing a daily yoga and meditation practice, we can begin to be aware of such near-perfection.

These are the ancient sciences of self-realization, a wisdom that has a profound combination of infinite, divine consciousness and the human mind and body in the physical world.

We begin to truly dive into the “I” that we believe we have always been; a limited person with flaws, a disproportionate body and face, and the experience of a contracted conscious.

This limitedness leads to a busy mind, a herky-jerky body, and unnecessary suffering. This is the result of 30 years (since about 2 years old) of being taught that we need to be a normal person in society rather than an extraordinary being of near-perfection and bliss, which we now see is our true nature.

So, what choice will we make every day? Will we continue our old habits and addictions that give us a disproportionate body full and pain? Or will we have the fortitude to choose to LIVE fully, and experience what life and consciousness could offer us before we leave this body-mind-self forever.

It’s completely up to you. But, do we have the courage to choose absolute bliss and clarity of consciousness?

I hope we can.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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