Suffering and Compassion

What is the purpose of suffering?

What is that one thing that really drags you down? Work? Self-image? Physical pain

Feel into how that makes you feel. Where do you feel this pain? Perhaps in your heart, Your head?

Think about how others probably feel an equal amount, or even more, suffering than you do. Notice that our suffering deters us from being who we ideally want to be or how to feel.

This is the case with everyone. We all universally suffer. Could this make us more compassionate towards others? I think compassion is just on the other side of the cave of suffering. A compassion filled with light in your heart.

This light radiates everywhere in your experience when you are compassionate towards others. I could also let this light enter into MY own self and heart, swimming in this light, because I am a soul too.

Love yourself and everyone else who suffers

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