Pure Silence of Nature

Recently, I spent five weeks in the Rocky Mountains, mostly on my own. Through camping, hiking, and off-roading in very remote places, Nature began to communicate in the language of peace, quiet, and stillness. Silence so deep that all you hear is a buzzing or humming dancing in the soft breeze of the aspen and pine. The question is; what exactly is this Silence? The longer I spent, the more enticing and friendly the Silence became, sometimes just sitting in It with my eyes closed and heart open without noticing the hour. Once, I sat by a stream and felt the spirit of the stream wash away anxieties I had been carrying in my body for most of my life. Transformation of my psyche and self-image began to become more in-tune with this natural Silence. Being in town began to feel more unnatural with all of the noise of the anxieties of other people, which prodded into my own sense of where I used to hold such anxieties. I began to wonder; how can I bring this Silence with me into the city, school, and family? Then the epiphany set in; I AM

I am the same consciousness as the consciousness of natural Silence

I am the same natural material of which all the trees, streams, and even mountains are made of.

I am the Silence

And the Silence is always here, the space in which all the noise of the city occurs. It is my “project” to see my own inherent silence in my body and mind, and interact with another person from this silence. Hopefully one day this person can also recognize their inherent silence.

This is how peace spreads


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