The Seed In My Heart

When I was born, there was a seed that was planted

It was planted by God,

in my heart 

The seed carries the potential for me to return to the Ultimate Source of Being

This Source is where we all came from and where we are going;

The Oneness of God’s Kingdom in which we are all family 

The purpose of the seed in my heart is to realize the Source before I die

If I water my seed, keep it in good soil, and give it plenty of sun,

The seed may become a beautiful budding plant in my heart and being

However, it is God who has the ultimate power to blossom the flower

My job is simply to water, provide soil, and give my seed plenty of sun 

This requires service, loving-kindness, passion, and persistence 

I believe this seed is within each of us,

Waiting to sprout and blossom, 

And reunite with each other under God’s presence

As we recognize each other’s seeds

Oneness, Peace, and Love    

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