I am

I am Human

I am a soul, Because I have a caring heart 

And I am the center of that love, sharing it with others

Through complicated human relationships 

We are spiritual beings dancing a beautiful dance called human life 

It is full of randomness and confusion, but it also is purely beautiful and vivacious 

It is this human-ness that makes everything just that much more astounding and full                              of awe 

Life is abundant because it is constantly blooming in every moment, every breath 

And I, and the moment of life, are one. This is called I & I 

I am

I am God, And I am me 

Me and God are one 

God works through me as the character that I believe that I am,

God said; I am that I am 

I and God are one 

Surrender to your soul’s calling  

Surrender your judgments

Surrender your idea that you need to fight in order to survive

The Universe is well-meaning

Life is about thriving, abundance, and joy 

Love Life  

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