Happiness is the realization that you can live from your heart-center.  

Have compassion for others through loving relationships and listening with your heart. 

We must avoid judgment of personality and shortcomings, because we ALL have shortcomings and weaknesses.  

This happiness can seep into every cell in your body and sooth you like warm water on a cold winter’s night.  

This rawness of nature carries lessons for us; that humans come from nature and she is our mother. 

This stillness of nature can teach us to be humble by recognizing that she is greater than us, even though we are a significant part of her.  However, we live in an ecosystem with other animals and plants.  We breathe the same air and drink the same water as everything else on Earth.  

Let your body and mind be transformed by these insights into Nature, Earth, and the way things are.  

These are the timeless teachings of nature and our ancestors 

At the center of all of this learning is peace and love 

Love in our hearts and peace in our thoughts and actions

We must CREATE this peaceful world through dedication to our spiritual practice. 

and by helping others to see their inherent value and heart 

Thank Life herself for these truths and lessons 

Live with passion and joy 

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