From Creativity Session 4/1/20

“I am” is the Universe, “I am” is greater than the Universe.

Your body is the Universe. Your mind is the Universe. Your Heart is the Universe.

How do we return to the Tao?

Listen to the wisdom of the body.

I exist because everything else exists.

Where is the limit of my body, my mind?

The spiritual path does not exist. The spiritual path exists.

Timelessness acting as time.

Spacelessness acting as space.

Mysterious energies lay dormant in your muscles, spine, brain, stomach, and heart.

How do I reduce my arrogance.

Mantra: “I am equal to others”

Fullness of self

Love of self

profound hereness. Profound nowness.

God is dynamic

Love is the fabric of existence

Sitting with “Why?”

Love the devil

Selfishness is connected to fear

How am I biased?

Find your balance

Living in balance

What is the dream world made of?

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