Spiritual Journal: 2/10/20

We all have the free will to choose either to struggle against the Tao (the way of Life,) OR to let go of our struggle. We can begin to reconnect with the peaceful nature of living by letting Life take control of our will. We either fight Life or ride with It; that is your choice in every tender moment. We know that we are riding with Life when we feel the silence, the peace, the lightness, rather than the heaviness, the worrying, and tightness in the belly. Reconnect your heart with Life.  Rediscover your peaceful nature. 

Breathe is like the ocean in its vastness and fullness of vitality.

“Choose the path of love in every choice” – a friend

Primordial Beingness = Samadhi. This means “prior to conscious awareness” of any event, sense of separation, or experience.

How many times have you admitted “I need assistance from others” today? Are you willing to show this vulnerability?

Connecting heart-to-heart with others is how we grow personally.

Be intentional about which of your thoughts are worth listening to and which are worth throwing away. Some thoughts serve no benefit, only judgment.

Trust the “Wise One” inside your own soul.

Deeper and deeper until not even my own thoughts can disturb my inner peace.

Live for others more often than for yourself.

Notice how good music naturally slows the mind. Can we do at least 15 minutes of intentionally listening to good music every day?

Form in front of the backdrop of the formlessness.

We can forget about God rather easily in our daily lives, but He/She never forgets about us.

Center your awareness in the OM of your heart 

Everyone, EVERYONE expresses True Love as they be themselves 

Life is not found on tech, it’s in the Heart 

The tightness in our belly is what distracts us from becoming Life itself 

Why is eye contact so powerful and why do we shy away from it?

Only you know how you show up in the world ultimately. You cannot know how anyone else experiences the world. This realization may help us become less judgmental 

Ask not what life can do for me; ask, “what does life want of me?”

Everyone is seeking oneness 

There is no love that is deeper than the love that allows others to be EXACTLY who they are and lets them make their own mistakes in order to learn.

You know your love is an authentic, unselfish love when the love burns so deeply in your heart that it needs to be brought out towards the world by connecting with other hearts and souls. 

Loving the soul of the Earth is essential in spiritual growth. It is through enjoying organic food, not simply consuming processed edible material, that we connect most naturally with our mutual Mother. 

My greatest spiritual teachers are snow, sunsets, flowers, ants, a lion resting after an unsuccessful hunt, the stars when I lie on a dock; Nature

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