Oneness Notes from 2019

Belief systems are the barrier that keeps hearts from connecting with one another

We need constant reminders that we are God-consciousness to change our brain chemistry from focus on the ego towards God.  The best way to do this is to meditate and to talk about the fact that we are infinity when we don’t meditate.  Meditation bells are great too because they aren’t words.  Best to avoid dualistic language at all costs.  This ought to be the essence of business, education, and politics

Life is so paradoxical: both rugged and blissful.  The ruggedness is when we are stuck in our bodies and minds.  The bliss is the consciousness 

People’s egos need to be pushed, but very slowly so it doesn’t self-destruct 

The relationship between evolution and spirituality 

The purpose of meditating is to decrease our fear of death, loneliness, and boredom.  It is the accepting of these darker places that allows us to flourish. The essence of enlightenment however is moving in stillness, living nonduality 

Death is nothing to be feared.  A wise person knows it is the next necessary step in order to re-become our truth

Spirituality is an activity humans do, whereas Truth just is.

We need to combine all the best human ideas and then take another step forward.  

“All” is the ability to say ‘yes and’ with all human created systems.  Use them and then go beyond them 

The idea that I am only here is in the mind.  Be still and be infinity 

Un teaching is re-teaching.  Become your inner child 

Many people are trying to reach stage turquoise directly from stage green.  They need stage yellow!!

Love is the underlying nature of the universe

I don’t know why one thing gets manifested and another thing not.  Does it matter?

One ethical rule: question all human concepts

Determination sitting: quickest route to enlightenment 

Where does happiness take place?  Can you point to it? 

We transcend the manifested world to the unmanifested world just to return to the manifested world.  It’s just that now you are a powerful human being

The only real thing in human life is love, everything else is myth

The only thing that exists is our subjective experience 

The only purpose in life for an individual is to shut off mind, from there love radiates 

I am not the ego’s awareness, I am the here and now within which all phenomena occur 

All natural responses come from naturally reacting to the environment 

To become purely happy, human happiness needs to be let go of 

The goal should not be to achieve enlightenment because there is no need of a goal to be HERE, now

What is the nature of knowledge?  What is worth knowing?  Is knowledge human data? Or is it just our subjectivity?

We have to decondition how we view time.  There are no days, just life!!  

Enlightenment is not an experience, it is what we are.  Therefore, enlightenment is our preordained essence 

We are feeding our egos what they want everyday by buying into the fairytale that it is.

Meditation itself cures all suffering and falsehood.  It renders all philosophical questions  and answers unnecessary.

Why is it so hard to be alone?

  Perhaps human happiness is a distraction from being.

Accept the darkness and the light

Being alone together 

Being still and silent in the midst of noise and madness is the essence of zen 

Society and pop culture has convinced us of what happiness looks like 

We ultimately do not have any control over what and who we are.  Status is given to us by sheer luck or unfortune.  Human beauty needs to be viewed from an unbiased manner 

When one is seeking enlightenment, how must he or she use their mind?  Should it be come more philosophical in nature or more poetic? 

What makes me different is that I am going towards it while otherwise others are unknowingly  avoiding it

Subtle addictions are what defines our egos 

Creativity is a byproduct of letting go of egoic desires 

The tedium that is required for our human lives to perpetuate requires so much attention.  It’s like my ego is borrowing infinite consciousness, but this loan is long overdue, because this loan was never meant to be most of the time, only when necessary. 

Is truth more philosophical or more poetic? 

What is reality? 

Is it just what I am perceiving? 

What is I? 

What is the difference between I and the universe entirely?  

Is the universe an idea or is it actually existing? 

What is the difference between the world and my mind? 

When my mind turns off, what is the world, then? 

Are our senses sort of like a virtual reality? 

If my nature is everything-ness, then my mind happens inside of my nature. 

The physical world is the dream world, dreaming itself is what is more real than the physical 

The question has got to be; how can I open up my mind even more? This is the most humble mindset to have 

If you look around and observe people, you can honestly ask; what are they doing. They are searching. But, searching for what? If they find it, will it fulfill them? 

To know that no thing, idea, feeling, or person can ever give you anything.  You exist without receiving.  You give by being yourself 

People seek what they don’t have, not knowing that they already have, no, beyond have, ARE.  They ARE infinite happiness 

This moment, the moment possessing otherwise foreign otherness, is intimately necessary. This needs to happen 

The counter-intuitive move is to let go of trying to be smart. Infinite intelligence is your nature, so no need to seek it 

What is sexual attraction?  How is it related to infinite love?!? 

If consciousness is infinite, how and why does the body become enlightened?  What becomes enlightened??

Mark Derding 

One key: know that everyone else’s world view is different than yours. It’s about not needing to push your agenda on the world. Philosophy is not necessarily universal. 

ALSO: I cannot know the subjective experience of another person. We have such a desire and hubris to A) assume that everyone thinks like us and B) that everyone should. Would the world really be a diverse, beautiful place if everyone had your world view? 

I want to be introverted with you

The most important part of life is; death 

Most conversations involve an ego affirming another ego

What about the fear of the parents of the spiritual seeker?  Will that hold the seeker back?

Happiness is like a rainbow, it’s awkward running away when you search for it

How can you prepare as a teacher if your lesson is The now moment???

I’m standing on nothingness, I’m looking at nothingness, I am nothingness. Infinitely suspended in mid-nothingness

The Pessoa method: What is this reality? What is happening?

The real spiritual paradox: I want to go beyond “me” and become the universe, but I also just want to be the best version of “me” 

Those who are not as awake of you will be nervous and scared of your openness and vulnerability.  Vulnerability is scary for the ego because egos do not want to sink into oneness. 

You can love someone from the bottom of your soul, but you can never HAVE them, even though that’s such a pity for our egoic agenda 

Wisdom is, falling in love with simple, subtle beauty 

What is the difference between a person and an ego? 

What happens to a person when they head towards enlightenment? 

What is music?  Why do we like it? 

Why do we always return to HERE I AM? 

Yet, we always try and escape the NOW moment…

Why am I me?

Why do people believe untrue ideas?

What is the difference between a person and their beliefs? 

Why do we try and perpetuate ourselves? 

Why even become humans in the first place if we were meant NOT to be humans?

What is the outside world?  

Is there JUST my subjective awareness?

What created the outside world?

What doesn’t JUST consciousness exist?

Love existence more than life 

El momento no se va, nunca, pero los sentimientos y pensamientos sí.  

You have to be willing to question enlightenment and meditation as a belief system. Is it worth pursuing?  

If you know it’s right, let it happen.  Don’t try to hard. 

Have you ever thought about what a thought is happening in? What is the field in which the mind occurs?

Cities reminds us of our egos, nature reminds us of our souls 

I have two teachers: silence and death 

I don’t meditate: I simply sit in a quiet place and honestly wonder what is real…

The 1-2-3 rule of romantic relationships 

God is like a river 

Awakening is a society-wide endeavor 

What is identity? 

There is nobody controlling this society 

Why does the present have to resemble the past? 

It’s impossible to teach spirituality because the now moment is unique for all people

The messages that the body sends to our consciousness is so wise 

Dear Friend,

I’m sitting here intently listening to my own breathing.  But the question arises; who or what is breathing?  Also, what is the difference between the inhale and the exhale?  Can you have one without the other? 

Is breathing wise?  Does it have ultimate purpose?  Is there anything more real in my life than breathing?  What is the difference between breathing and the universe itself?

Why do humans create music?  Is it to feel less lonely?  Does every craving basically come from our feeling of loneliness?

Why is loving so difficult, tedious, full of suffering, and full of bliss?

I’m sitting here in my office (is it really MY office?).  What is the difference between me and this office computer?  Why do I feel the need to come and sit with this computer every morning?  Is this computer as alive as me? 

Why are we so scared of stillness and silence? 

Why do I feel like a stranger within my own consciousness? Which part of me is the familiar part, which the strange?

What is the difference between her and my thinking of her? All I know is the she is worth the wait… 

Why is the NOW always now?  Why is the HERE always here? 

How do I accept all things, events, people, and intrapersonal phenomena? 

Why does thinking never stop?  Is it also true? 

What’s the difference between Truth and truth?  How do I KNOW?

What is the difference between I and everything?  What is everything? 

What is the point of busy-ness? 

How do I know the difference between life and existence within my conscious awareness? 

Breathe into the depression, exhale the bliss

I can only write as the higher self, the lower self is less universal, yet is not.  What are the themes of the lower self? 

Mindfulness is complete BULL S**T!!

What’s the difference between the universe and this emotion? 

What is the difference between my conscious awareness and my subconscious awareness? 

A romantic partner is not a person, they are an idea in your mind.  Romance is an empty ship in you lower self that needs to be filled. 

Friends, family, pets, and lovers come and go.  What stays?

Why does sadness feels so damn good?  Is it because we intuitively know that its opposite (bliss) is on its way? 

Oh how much art pain has created!!

How do you know that you are being productive?  Aren’t you assuming that you know the goal is worthwhile? 

Our nature is child-like, not adult-like.  Adults are unwise. 

Enlightenment is like throwing your smart phone and laptop out the window and burning all your money. 

Relationships in the 21st century

Why does NOW have to be any particular way?  Why are certain things manifested? 

Where does the sense of “I exist” exist?  In the body? In the mind? 

What is the universe? 

Letting go is not not caring; it is accepting the good and bad. 

Will we actually ever be healed? 

Criminals and victims are suffering. 

“Align the ego with reality.”  – The Realest Idealist 

I want to die because I want to live.

What’s the difference between a thought and a feeling? 

My whole world is painted with the color of her

Learning is done when you create a new culture in your self 

You can never lose anything because you can’t have anything to begin with.  

You will never escape loneliness and uncertainty, for they are at the core of our existence. Accept it by not judging it.  

Your loneliness is the universe’s way of telling you that it loves you unconditionally 

Seeing what I have now reminds me of what I necessarily will lose.  

We have put ourselves in cages by separating ourselves from the world

People crave predictability and fear spontaneity 

Death and the Now are your gurus 

What did I do today to improve the well-being of the world? 

Is a human more important than a tree?

The vast, limitless here-ness of NOW 

Question all assumptions 

Our self-identity is what is keeping us from seeing Truth.  

See that ALL ideas are superfluous because they can’t ever touch the whole truth 

Evil is that which is disguising itself as the Truth.  

Truth cannot be said, thought of, nor seen 

There is no such thing as representation 

Spiral Dynamics challenges the assumption of free will 

Every stage believes they are the ultimate stage 

Spirituality will deepen the more you are honest with what arises in the moment 

The Seven Principles of Nisarga Yoga (As identified by Nic Higham, 2018) [20]

  1. Non-identification and right understanding
  2. Interest and earnestness
  3. Spontaneity and effortlessness
  4. Attentiveness to being
  5. Right action
  6. Going within to go beyond
  7. Awareness of Self

Spiral Dynamics important pages: 11, 23, 29, 32, 62, 63 

Humans possess the capacity to create new stages.  Environmental conditions can manipulate individuals to go up or down the spiral.  

Let the universe reside in your heart

Bring your awareness to yourself and know that you are everything that exists 

The moment demonstrates God 

Be mindful of your non-mindfulness 

What’s the difference between good and bad? 

Earth speaks 

Ego occurs within consciousness 

God is found in a deep inhale, and exhale

Enlightenment is not about you 

The mere purpose of society and culture is to ensure your survival 

Stretch your ego like a rubber band until it breaks 

The answer is found in silence and stillness 

Nothing has ever died 

Nothing else matters besides this fucking moment, 

Nothing else matters besides this fucking moment!!!

You have never not experienced God

Have you ever done anything useful? 

Does reality depend on your perspective 

Perspective perspective perspective 

Is imagination real?  

What is the purpose of thinking? 

Where do thoughts com from?  Is there anything outside thoughts and words?

The ego is afraid of nothingness, because the basic ingredient of ego is progress and purpose 

Don’t over-complicate the world and the mind.  Don’t let distract you from the heart and soul.  

Over-thinking is like an invasive plant that needs to be chopped at the root and kept from infestation.

Nonduality is an escape from your perceived misery of your “lower” self when in fact this relative realm of humans and suffering is GOD.  

The purpose of human live is love.  Love is purpose, Love is meaning, Love is the essence of living.  

Why tolerate these unsustainable institutions created by another generation who had inferior values? 

Is ego really the enemy if it is your ego that gives you a sense of purpose in life? 

Is limitedness even real if it is just an idea that was presented to us while our egos were being created by society and our own ignorance? 

What is the purpose of life if its necessary byproduct is death?  What is the point of humans if we all die soon anyways?  

Is death the opposite or the same as life?  Why do humans think in terms of opposites, for example yin-yang, if it’s really all just one? (The Tao)

How do you balance human action with the deep inaction of the nothingness in which the universe unfolds? 

Is this the best of all possible worlds? What does this world mean?  What if my world is not your world since we perceive it uniquely?  

The moment itself grows into its next form; The now 

I think our imperfections were deliberately given to us by God (or Universe if preferred).  The purpose was for Him to learn about Himself (Herself, Itself etc.) He was originally One now He is One but also many.

What would you do if you knew that you were going to die next week?  What would the entire world do if we all knew that we were going to die next week?  Would we be existential or show affection?  

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs applies to how much love we can exude.  If we are sleep deprived or starving, we must first take care of self before considering others.  

My sense of love is seen in others. The simplicity of others being their true selves gives me unspeakable joy.  

Overthinking is a process of obsessive reflection over many unlikely scenarios of our past or future.  Living… living is now.  

The mushroom gives you what you ask for in your spiritual/emotional body.  Most people don’t have a profound enough request in order to go deeper.  

Let the compounds of the mushroom dance with the secret and clandestine parts of your brain.  It will show you what you do not normally realize.  

Dear Grandpa, 

I just wanted to tell you how much you have influenced me to become both the teacher and the young man that I am today.  I learned the values of wisdom, gratitude, generosity, curiosity, and compassion from you throughout the times I would visit you and Grandma on Sundays at Gustavus.  Additionally, you are one of the most patient people I have ever met.  Patience is a lost art in this speeding up world.  Lastly, you taught me how the love for God is the same love through which we love one another, love nature, and love knowledge.  I am unspeakably grateful for all of our shared conversations about this wonderful world and the amazing people in it.  I love you, Kyle

What is that awareness of “I am” behind the eyes, in between the ears, and can sense 360 degrees?  Where exactly is this awareness if I can sense anything in the 3D world?  It can’t be in the middle since that would be something I can sense.  

There is a difference between death and dying.  The dying process reminds us that we as egos with experience suffering and ultimate termination.  The process of birth and termination of the self is as natural as drinking water.  We must not attach to the suffering nor the self.  Dying is difficult for the ego because of the reminder that suffering is a natural occurrence of life.  The body is clumsy.  The self is selfish.  Love and consciousness is what gives us grace and a respite fro this suffering.  Prayer, deliberate prayer, contemplation, and meditation upon the nature of this love and consciousness is what saves the souls from the horror and fear of the dying body.  

The I is infinitely nothing

It’s impossible to be a good person 

Do nothing

Believe nothing

Expect nothing

Have nothing

Be nothing

Become everything 

You will experience all experiences that will ever exist or have existed.  You will be the rapist of your being raped.  

The purpose of existence is itself.  The purpose of love is to recognize this purpose.  

It is a sad day when you realize nobody will ever understand you, even yourself. 

It is a sad day when you realize no human can be trusted to give you truth, especially yourself. 

Nothing has ever happened, and this nothingness is Truth. 

Truth and Reality do not exist.  Just existence exists. 

Meaning in life is a felt sense of infinity and unlimitedness 

what is in the vibes man?!?

There are two types of meaning; first is the principle that infinity has inherent Meaning (Tao). Second is the principle that finite things also have meaning when they realize that they are finite.  This is a limited type of meaning that is created and ends, and its opposite is meaninglessness. Finite things attempt to create meaning before their termination.  The two basic emotions for finite things are; fear and love.  Fear because finite things desire to continue, love as the connection between separate, finite things as one (Infinity.)  

Leibniz: A perfect universe is one with complexity in appearance yet simplicity in laws 

I am weary and skeptical when someone (a finite mind) claims to know.  How can a finite mind comprehend infinite Truth?  How can one know that he or she has discovered infinite Truth when its nature is INFINITY (never stops, ever-expanding).  All truth that a human claims to know is inherently finite (not ultimate.) There is ALWAYS more to discover and experience.  That is the game; to have constant motivation to know, yet never knowing.  There is never a stopping point in the journey of Truth.  

I am Life.  I am that which happens.  

Why do humans and animals fight to survive? Because they are the vehicles through which Divine Intelligence creates more complexity.  Therefore survival is divine. 

There is a fine balance that has been created between the gift of free will for humans and constraints upon this free will from the ecosystem, other people, appetites, and other uncontrollable factors.

Real existentialism is when one does not realize that there is more purpose to be found in the unity of things than the purpose of individuals.  Just because one realizes that his or her life is nearly meaningless does NOT mean that the Earth or universe are devoid of meaning.  

Nearly all spiritual motivation is driven by the ego. Most egos search spirituality in order for the ego to attempt immortality. Also, spirituality can become mental activity or an identity for the ego to attach to.  

The meaning of the world is much different than most people think.  Most people think that meaning is derived from an orderly and moral system.  Many people find meaning by being a part of this meaningful system.  However, more meaning is derived when one realizes that there is freedom from this system since this system is disorderly from the perspective of the limited human mind.  The human mind can only interpret human-like order, whereas the universe is orderly in an infinite and absolute perfect way.  

Is being a human, full of suffering and happiness, better than never being born and remaining a no-self?   

Know the ego and how it works before you can know God and the Self 

What is the difference between thoughts and insights into truth? 

The point of philosophy is to shut up the old ego

Don’t be a slave to your minuscule beliefs

If you are open to the likelihood that you are not merely a human, there is unlimited potential for bliss

There are no humans, just humanness 

Did you put in work in past lives?

People or Homo Sapiens?

How do I know Mars?

What are these eyes?

What is location?  Where is existence?

How do I see grass as not grass?

How do I become universal love

How do I reach the crown chakra?  Is that where the universe is?

How do I die before my body dies?

How do I love anti-environmentalists?

Enlightenment is when love is the motivation over fear 

What is real selflessness? 

Is suffering objectively bad? 

Most of our attention being paid to sights and sounds has to do with safety of our body 

My body is the universe 

Walking without thinking is the only thing that makes sense 

All things are always “here” 

I am pure existence 

Walking in the north woods, I became aware of the familiarity that I had with the way trees dance in the wind, how dragonflies glide across the trail and how my hiking boots scrape the road. It all seemed so familiar in fact, that I feel as if I had experienced the scene before, not only once; but millions of times.  It seemed like a million moments, a million breaths, a million thoughts congregated into one simple realization of “I am here, now.” I have always been here, now, in Presence, Perfection, Beauty, Infinite Intelligence. How can I fear death since this here-ness is all there is…?…

Our nature is life, our nature is death 

What’s the difference between doing and being?

today is technically my 28th birthday. This marks 13 years since the spiritual realization I had while lying in bed unable to sleep at 1am with the deepest questions of life pounding and knocking against my brain and being. They seemed to be saying, “you are not what society has taught that you are! You are the conscious awareness that has always existed and will exist beyond what people think is ‘Kyle.’” This was not in language, however. It was a spiritual download of absolute knowingness.  Knowing that all people are 100x more than they perceive themselves to be. It has only been in the last few months that I have returned to this spiritual realization that all people, animals etc (including myself) are in communion with God, Infinity, Oneness, Love.  I see that my life has always been for and about this Godness, not Kyle. Kyle was always a steward of Infinity’s glory and never the center of the universe as I have been taught by secular, dry, materialistic society. I am in essence the great Essence of ALL. 

With absolute love – my mind & soul

When is the beginning of history? 

Can you imagine a place a place that is the door to BOTH the Amazon Jungle and the Andes Mountains?  Exploring the natural way of life of the people who farm for what they eat at the foot of an active volcanos that erupted as recently as 1999.  I have made this hike a dozen times breathing deeply the fresh South American air that gave me the motivation to arrive to the vista and feeling of being on top of Ecuador! After these 5 hour hikes I would visit the local coffee shop or brewery speaking with what Spanish I had with the locals about life, travel, and adventure.  With the mix of abundance, beauty, and poverty, I wish to return to Baños in my lifetime and revisit the natural way of living.  Viva Ecuador!!

I am not anything in particular. I just am 

The ultimate form of Love is performing the role that the universe intends for you 

our duty is to be where we are here and now. 

Love is what occurs when we are who we are here and now 

Do not think “am I spiritual?” For you have already lost your essence in this thought. There is no need to worry about our spiritual growth, for God has never forsaken our path, since your whole life was designed by The Creator.  

The nature of the universe is infinite creativity 

The essence of creativity and authenticity is spontaneity 

The intention of the eternal moment is the self-expression of all minutia within the universe AND the self-expression of the universe itself.

Love yourself as your neighbor 

Love your awareness, and you will love everything 

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