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What is the purpose of our lives?

Hello! My name is Kyle Hilding. I am a creator and explorer of the spiritual life within the community (The Sangha) of Consciousness, Peace, and Love that we all share as humans in an innate spiritual world. Loving and creative inspiration from within me helps create space for openness, beauty, connection, stillness, peace, and deep conversation with others. Sharing this passion for life with others is my vocation, my dharma, my calling in this life. Thank you and Namaste.

kyle is a member of the association for spiritual integrity

The Spiritual Download

Let us rejoin with each other in our True Nature, in Oneness and Peace


What is Kundalini? Are you experiencing intense spiritual energy in your body or spine? click on this short article for more information about Kyle’s reflections on and experiences with Kundalini symptoms & Kundalini Awakening:


Kyle believes that suicide is not an option, period. If you or a friend need support, or if you would like to hear more about suicide prevention from a spiritual perspective, feel free to contact Kyle.

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